Patient comments about the TENS unit:

“Unbelievable results… Not fully recognized for its beneficial success.” - Charles W., Greenville, GA

“I am so happy to be able to receive the benefits of the TENS unit at home and as needed.”
- Stacy W., Beaumont, TX

“Thanks! It makes a notable difference. It’s helping manage the pain and helping me get through the work day.”
- Lois V., Lexington, KY

“On days that I work I wear it all day. It helps me get through the day.”
- Evangeline T., Decatur, GA

“The TENS unit has really brought me relief for my back pain.”
- Robin R., Jasper, TN

“This is the best 'medicine' I have ever had. I am grateful not to have to take muscle relaxers and other drugs. Thank you.”
- Patricia M., Clayton, NC

“The TENS unit really helps relax the muscles around my problem area on my vertebrae.”
- Alana H., West Fork, AR

“I have bad headaches because of stiffness in my neck and it helps so much - also in my back.”
- Frances B., Rockwood, TN

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